Co-Creating Results – Successful leadership

Posted: Thursday January 25 2018

By: Tech Returners

We have all read the articles, books and blogs where it tells us we need to be more assertive, be more accountable and be more inspirational to be a successful leader, and yes while there is some merit in the content I am on a journey to think about successful leadership in a different way.

Co-Creating Results – A path to successful leadership

At the end of the day we are all different, we all have different personalities, different strengths and different areas we need to improve, so books, articles and blogs dictating what traits we need to have won’t work!

It is like the common misbelief that introverts don’t make good leaders! This is something I whole heartily disagree with and I work with a number of women who have this belief deep routed, and this needs to stop! Introversion has a number of qualities that benefit successful leadership. Read more about this here.

Is it that hard to believe that we can be both, introverted and extroverted? Reflect on your own experiences, are there situations / environments where you have adapted? I know I do!

I truly believe we shouldn’t be pigeon holed and labelled, let’s not limit people, let’s look at who people really are.

Most people have the ability to adapt their style to the moment, this process starts with self-awareness.

Do you know what your strengths are and how you can use these qualities in your development?

If this is something you would like to explore there are various ways, 360 feedback, coaching, psychometrics, a nifty tool for speed reading can be found here.

The next step is understanding others. For a team to be high performing or a meeting to be effective you need to know how to better connect with people and communicate effectively. This will be easier to understand once you have discovered who you are, you will begin to pick up on qualities of other and be able to adapt your style. For example, if your peer is outcome focused and highly logical you know that your approach needs to be straight to the point, explaining the impact / outcome in a step by step way.

But what are the results?

There are studies showing that when salespeople understand who they are and how to read their customers, they can increase sales by 25 percent. That’s because they become a relationship master as well as a technical sales master.

With leaders, the typical metric that is used is staff engagement. In order to have engaged staff, leaders need to understand that all their employees are individuals. They need to motivate and empower them to be truly engaged and to do this you need to understand who they are.

And what is the impact of having a high performing team? If you ask any business owner or CEO / Director I am sure they will all be able to tell you what impact and ROI this could have on the business performance.

Will you consider a different approach to successful leadership in 2018?



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