5 Ways to let it go

Posted: Monday July 26 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

5 Ways to let it go

By Barbara Nixon

Like most parents when Frozen came out, my youngest (the princess in the family) was absolutely hooked. On came the Elsa dress, and ‘Let it Go’ was sung out loud and proud for all (the street) to hear. In fact this went on so long that we all knew all the words (I have 2 teenage boys and this isn’t something they were proud to admit) and at one point my husband even had to sing it out with Anna in front of a packed crowd at a Frozen Sing a long, and I’m happy to say remembered every word!

Frozen, Disney PrincessAnyway, as time wore on, this song became a bit of a running joke in our house. Whenever someone was holding onto something that little bit too long, someone would belt out ‘Let it Go!’ until we got the message. But the thing is, often this is much easier said than done, and most of the time it takes a lot more than someone singing a Disney song in your face to help you move on.

Here’s what I mean. Our minds are strange things, and although for the most part do an incredible job, sometimes things pop into our heads that only serve to hold us back. That time when you just didn’t feel good enough, or capable to do something. That time when you didn’t do something because you were afraid of what other people might think, and maybe that time when for some reason you were holding yourself back.

Having limiting beliefs is incredibly common. In fact, I’m willing to bet that all of us at some point or another have had them. But what can you do to shake them off and…’let it go?’

Go easy on yourself

When you’re doubting yourself it’s really easy to get into the spiral of blaming yourself. Instead, try flipping this on its head and look at it this way. Your mind is only trying to keep you safe, and actually it’s doing a great job, even though it might not feel like it. So, acknowledge the feelings for what they are, just feelings, and try and think rationally about why you feel this way.

Keep a diary

A diary is a fantastic way of keeping track of all the amazing things that you’ve achieved no matter how small, and will help you reflect on things you’ve done well before you move onto something else. You can also use this to look back at your successes when you need a bit of a reminder of just how far you’ve come.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Nowadays with social media it’s so easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that everyone’s so much further on then you. Unfortunately, as we all know all we’re seeing is what other people what us to see, so rather than getting sucked in get in the habit of smiling and being pleased for them before moving on. Let’s face it, the worlds a big place and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Think about who you’re surrounding yourself with

I’m a massive believer in who you surround yourself with matters . There are those people who see the negative in everything and suck all the positive energy out of you, and there are those that cheer you on every step of the way. If you’re feeling exhausted or miserable around some people find yourself some cheerleaders who will support you along the way.

Book some time in for yourself

Sometimes the best answer is just to have some time doing what you really enjoy. Whether that’s reading a book, going for a walk, or just pottering in the garden. Whatever your ‘thing’ is make some time for it even if it’s just for 30 minutes a week.