Women are the best negotiators  

Posted: Thursday July 15 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

The main reason, in my opinion, for women being exceptional negotiators is that they think logically about their outcome, as opposed to men who think about their ego. Also there’s quite a case of men being slightly frightened as it reminds them of sitting in front of their mothers when they were being told off as a child.

Women are the best negotiators

celia sawyer    By Celia Sawyer

Based on the above I think women have the upper hand here. As a woman in business myself I have first-hand experience of this and see many others who equally have the same success on the negotiation table. This could be contracts, sales, deals or managing staff, all of which I do on a daily basis.

Another angle that helps women in business is that they are also often mothers who think objectively about things, because they have to, thus entering into a further dimension and developing our own leading way of discussing and negotiating deals. Have you ever seen how many different moves a child makes when trying to negotiate for something they want – they are very clever. Hence as mothers we are quite aware of how this works and can practice it ourselves around the negotiating table.

Now, I am not saying that men aren’t good negotiators I am just saying that women are better in my experience. If you look at history too, women have only had an equal vote to men since 1928 and we are proving as time goes on to be top CEO’s and top earners in our own right, very often exceeding above the men in this world. In such a short space we have excelled in the boardroom, outshone some men in the working world and I’m so pleased to see more and more women being listed on the Forbes and Times Rich List.

In conclusion, negotiation is about intelligent thinking,  being able to adjust in the situation from start to finish and to be able to pull out of the hat objectives and arguments that help you win the deal.

Women are extremely good at all of these attributes and given more time in business in this world, given more situations to be successful, I am sure we will become much more powerful than our male counterparts, so watch out boys!